... liberating energy healing tools.

Energy healing – restoring our energy to its original form: freed from unprocessed negative emotions (anger, shame, sadness, fear, anxiety, frustration, doubt, hate, hurt and guilt) is very important for 3 main reasons; an energetic imbalance in our body’s energy fields:

  1. almost always has a disempower leads emotional consequence on us: it drains our energy, makes us anxious, stressed, depressed, hopeless, lazy and feeling lost

  2. very often also leads to a challenging physiological consequence: it is the root cause of diseases and sicknesses

  3. it makes us a Magnet for Disaster as the unprocessed negative emotions that our trapped in our energy field are constantly emanating from us, attracting more of the same to us!


Along my quest I discovered many energy healing and enhancing techniques; and I became of Certified practitioner of 3 of my most favorite ones, those that were most effective to my own energy healing: Counselling (with guided meditations, NLP, EFT, TPT), Massage therapy and Reflexology.


These 3 tools allowed me to transform my energy field from being a Magnet for Disasters to a Magnet for Dreams: I had to first release all my “wrong vibes” (anger, shame, sadness, fear, anxiety, frustration, doubt, hate, hurt and guilt); then allow my new reality – my new beliefs – to take root and start emanating.


If health and wealth is what you seek energy healing is the quickest way to get it indeed!

  • Activate your body's own healing powers. Let go of stress and sadne

    1 hr

    240 UAE dirhams
  • Personalized tools & tips that will enable you to live your Dream Life

    2 hr

    550 UAE dirhams
  • Let go of tension and energy blockages; activate inner healing powers.

    1 hr 30 min

    240 UAE dirhams
  • Let go of worries, stress and body aches and enjoy emotional soothing.

    1 hr 30 min

    285 UAE dirhams