Your Beliefs shape your Scenery

Dear you,

know I understand

why so often, from my depressed life, seemingly insurmountable mountains came through.

One after the other.

Not only did they obstruct my view,

little by little,

all around;

They also took away that which is so brittle:

faith in a world that is safe and sound.

They made me feel alone in a doomed land

one, where for decades I wish I’d already found,

a caring helping hand;

something that would give me a breakthrough,

an understanding that would transform into fertile earth useless sand

something that would shed a light on what had always been true:

these challenging mountains: all my beliefs in my “I cant’s”

from my own unconscious did they grew.

Had I discovered earlier that my mind needed good nutrients,

because it is the soil from which all appears,

"I can" and "I cant’s",

mountains and flat grounds;

I would have given it positive beliefs by millions,

because as within so without,

and as I became even more aware of this brilliance,

and started nourishing my mindset with faith instead of doubts,

did I notice all around,

how all these heavy burdens evaporated into light clouds.

And standing here astound,

marveling at how easily miracles abound,

I wonder what will now show up in my Life,

now that I know the Secret....

I wonder how it will feel when I will walk that red carpet to Thrive,

because inside my mindset, only positive beliefs I have let!