Shine Bright

Torn between pretending and just being

What am I to do

When all around oppressors of my Inner being

Seed deep within fears of being true

What would happen if they knew

What really matters to me most

What would happen if they knew

How much I want them to already have lost

That which blocks them to see anew

For those who see pain, struggle and desperation

I wish them to get that gain: a giggle after that phenomenal aha revelation

For those who believe in insignificance, unworthiness and abandonment

I want them to remember their magic: an eternal soul whose body is a temporary adornment.

We are stars starring in our own movies

And when the curtain closes down

We all go back up high

From where we decide to either come back with new motives

Or stay with neither torn nor roses

No reasons to smile or cry

Away from the duality of the 3d reality

Devoid of mind and body our soul from all illusions pauses.

Happy we enjoy all members of our star family

Laughing at the play

Happy we remain high in energy, a joyous level where no single mind minds an illusionary negativity see, and hereby steal, the light of day.