I am...


Human. I made phenomenal mistakes - bloopers. I was unconscious. I believed in my limiting beliefs: I did not love myself, I didn't think others loved me, I felt broken and powerless. I thought life was scary and unfair. I sinned, I hurt, I did things I am not proud of. I rebelled, I fought, I self-harmed and did self-sabotage. Then I discovered the liberating power of forgiveness to self and others. Once I forgave myself I could take the first step to healing and recovery of my immensely powerful True Identity.

Powerful. I learned my lessons. I became conscious. I discovered how to stop using my mind as a Garbage Bin & instead use it as the magical Lamp Of Aladdin.

I learned how to consciously/intentionally use the natural laws (quantum physics) to my great advantage, instead of unknowingly constantly creating my Sad Story because I was emitting the wrong energy!


Magical. I am a powerful co-creator, just like You. I am a Magnet and The Key to attract what I want in life is The Total Control (uncsoncious also) of what energy I emit (through my mind and body). Therefore I first had to do some Energy Healing to restore my body's energy field.

Connected to my  Inner Being. I used to ignore my inner voice/gut feelings/intuition.  Worse, how often did I just do it: the catastrophic exact opposite! Result: I took loads of wrong turns, and even entire highways!!! I struggled, suffered, I just didn't trust life's guidance or myself. Then I discovered the phenomenal power of intuition: the super effective shortcut to avoid thons of misery and swiftly start living Happily.  

Certified and experienced in many Energy Healing & Empowerment tools, like Reflexology, Swedish Massage Therapy and Transformational Guided Meditations (inclusive TPT, Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP.)

Check out my show "Truth, Tools & Tips" to discover how bad it can go wrong - how many bloopers one can make - when living with a Wrong Magnetism due to Wrong Beliefs and the resulting  Wrong Energy Field.  And discover easy to apply tips on how to Take your Power/Magnetism Back: how to heal energetically, how to release the root cause, the source of the negative energy: fear, hurt, sadness, guilt, shame, anger.


Watch it to discover how you can rapidly stop being an inconscious Magnet for Disaster & start being a conscious Magnet for Dreams instead!